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  • Emi stands for Equated Monthly Instalment.
  • Pay is Easy in 3,6,9 or 12 months instalments.
  • Customer can pay via respective bank's card only.
  • Processing Fees Charged Depend on Bank’s Policy.
  • Bank Charges annual interest rates according to the reducing monthly balance.
  • EMI transactions are at the discretion of your credit card issuing bank.
  • Please contact your issuing bank for any clarifications.
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Top Control Panel
Now your machine will come to life at the press of a few buttons. While the panel on the top of the machine makes it easy to see and select programs, the clear, easy-to-understand LCD display helps you choose the programs and options in easy steps.
Easy Loading Pedestal
The new Smart Load Washing Machine comes with an Easy Loading Pedestal. Just so you could load and unload your laundry with ease. And you don’t have to rummage through things to get to your washing essentials anymore. Because there’s a specially designed storage with ample space to store it all.
Wider Door
When we talk about a washing machine in its most advanced form, we can’t ignore an important aspect altogether - the door of the washing machine. An extra large porthole door means that loading and unloading is not a cumbersome task anymore.
Ball Valve technology
In machines without a ball value, 30% of the detergent is drained off and does not get used in the wash cycle. With ball valve technology, 100% of the detergent is used, thus making sure you have excellent wash quality with clothes looking and feeling as good as new!
Uniform Wash
Here’s a thoughtful program that gives the dirty uniform all the care it really needs. It not only gives the uniforms a strong, clean wash, it also makes sure you will be called the “Best mom in the world,” a title you truly deserve.
Repeat Wash
Say goodbye to complex settings for your wash on a daily basis. Pre-select the program and options for your daily wash load. All you have to do is select ‘Repeat Wash’ to run the selection the next day. Indeed, a one-touch solution to tackling daily laundry!
Pet Hair Removal
This is a very special 3-cycle program to loosen and rinse out pet hair from your clothes. More than that, this program features a hot blast that kills all the allergens hidden in your clothes once you are done spending some quality time with your pet!
Aqua Energie
A special built-in aqua filter that treats hard water, improving the performance of your machine. It breaks the bi-carbonates in the water, reducing them to smaller crystals that flow with the water. This water soaks the clothes better. The detergent enzymes dissolve in the water to give you a better wash, also reducing scaling on the components.
Air Bubble Wash System
The Air Bubble Wash System ensures that millions of air bubbles get generated and released into the water during the wash cycle. They penetrate deep into the cloth fibres, activate the detergent and help release the most stubborn dirt molecules. The Air Bubble Wash System infuses freshness into clothes and ensures a perfect wash.
3D Wash System
It adds dynamic movement to the water and you get cleaner, fresher laundry anytime. A special water system with nozzles circulates the water 360° in the drum. The detergent dissolves 100% and penetrates the clothes deeper for a cleaner wash. During rinsing, fresh water penetrates deep into the clothes to wash off all traces of detergent.
Crescent Moon Drum
The crescent moon shaped pattern on the inner drum protects clothes during the wash. Water curves up in a swoosh pattern and prevents the clothes from rubbing against the wall of the steel drum. Clothes get a gentle yet thorough cleaning.
Super Warranty With Wide Service Network
IFB provides first-of-its-kind 4 year Super Warranty and a 10-year spare parts support along with a wide service network of more than 450 franchisees across 1500+ towns.
Capacity 7 KG
Load type Front
Water consumption 52 L
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