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1.5 TON 185LY
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With the rise in temperature air conditioners are becoming an important requirement to stay cool. All of those on the lookout for a utilitarian air conditioner can take a look at Voltas 185 Ly Window Air Conditioner. It is sleek and compact in design and comes with all the updated features and fits perfectly at all places. It is a The 1.5 ton 5 star window AC and is a great choice who wants their room to cool faster. It uses a high EER rotary type compressor which aims at bringing down the electricity bill by a significant extent. It comes with all the recent and modern features like auto restart, sleep mode, fuzzy logic, jet cool and many more. The main unit measures 660 x 430 x 805 mm in width, depth and height respectively and weighs 59 kg. It is copper white in colour and looks very classy in all decors. Order from Snapdeal at an affordable price.
AC Type
This Voltas 185 Ly Window Air Conditioner is a window type air conditioner and has all the amenities that a window AC has. It can produce an indoor air circulation of up to 750 CMH and hence cools the room very fast. Whatever maybe the type of the room, this AC effectively and consistently tends to keep the temperature cool and delivers a fine performance in that field.
Power Consumption
The Voltas 185 Ly Window Air Conditioner is very energy efficient and aims at reducing the monthly electricity bill. It consumes the minimum power to operate effectively and hence uses only 230 voltage of power with 50 Hz of frequency and on a single phase.  
Hassle Free Operation
Those days are gone, when window air conditioner was considered a hassle to operate and hard to maintain. The Voltas 185 Ly Window Air Conditioner is very easy to use the operation is very simple. It has a set of buttons on the front panel along with a LED display that allows one to monitor the setting. The operation is very easy and can be used by old and young people equally. It is also heavy on functionalities and they include multiple speed or fan setting. This air conditioner comes with an auto restart feature which is capable of turning the device on and off without human intervention. It has a sleep mode, which allows the user to sleep peacefully and if a temperature is set, the AC aims at cooling the temperature to the given setting and once it is reached, the device gets turned off automatically. Use the on and off timer to start or stop the air conditioner at a given time. It comes with a dehumidifier that maintains a certain set of moisture in the room and does not make it completely dry. Use the jet cool option to cool the room down even faster.
Remote & Front Panel Display
This Voltas air condition has a very sleek and stylish design. All the operation on the AC can be triggered from a separate remote control as well. The remote control has night glow buttons which allows easy access to the buttons in the night. The LED display on the front panel and the remote are in sync and allows one to change the setting easily.
Auto Swing and Louver Movement
The Voltas 185 Ly Window Air Conditioner has a very efficient swing technology that disperses air in all the corners of the room. Swing modes include left-right and up-down which consistently and uniformly cools the room without just cooling one particular portion.
Compressor Type
This Voltas 185 Ly Window Air Conditioner has a high EER rotary type compressor that ensures even during voltage fluctuation or power surges, the air conditioner keeps on functioning the same way. The air conditioner utilizes very less energy to perform and aims at delivering the same way every time, even during voltage fluctuations.
Dust Filter
The air conditioner tries to make the room bacteria and dust free with the anti-bacterial filter which allows one to breathe properly and is very helpful for new born babies as when the air conditioner starts working all the dust from the room is filtered.
Low Noise Level
The Voltas 185 Ly Window Air Conditioner works with very low noise which stands at below 54dB. It works soundlessly and allows you to sleep peacefully.
Capacity 1.5 Ton
Energy rating 5 Star
Power requirement 230 V
Auto restart Yes
Indoor noise level 54 DB
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