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2.0 TON 243CYA
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Make summers fun and enjoyable with cool and calm ambiance at home with the Voltas 2 Ton Classic 243 CYa Split Air Conditioner. The well-designed, white AC can beautifully blend with different interiors. Easy to use and lasting it comes with LED display, Self Diagnosis and Auto Restart function. With the LED display, monitoring, toggling and changing settings and modes will be easy. The Self Diagnosis feature helps in quick and effective servicing as in the case of any problem inside the AC unit it will immediately give an error message on the display. This prevents any further problem and helps in quick servicing. Sleep tight when your AC comes with Auto Restart function. If there is a power cut while you are asleep you will not have to sleep without AC through the night, as with Auto Restart the AC will start on its own when power supply resumes. Long lasting and robust, this Voltas Air Conditioner, has blue Hydrophylic Aluminium fins, making it efficient and durable. Adding to its strength is the inner grooved copper tubes in this AC. It features 6100 W cooling capacity, BEE 3 star rating, and high 50, medium 46 and low 43 dB indoor noise level.
Enjoy clean and fresh air when you have the Best Split Air Conditioner. It comes with twin filters, Anti Dust and Nano Silver providing you dust and bacteria free air. The Anti Dust filter circulates dirt-free and sanitised air. Likewise, the Nano Silver releases Silver Ions continuously killing and preventing the growth of bacteria. Equipped with High EER Rotary compressor and cross flow air vent enjoy efficient cooling with this split AC. It comes with different modes for perfect cool experience. During peak summers, when the heat and sweat get unbearable make use of the Turbo mode and enjoy fast and uniform cooling. With the Turbo mode, the room temperature will come down quickly and create a perfect chilly ambiance. For uniform cooling in the room, you can switch to Swing mode. Regulate your electricity bill and enjoy optimum room temperature with the timer mode. When going to sleep, make use of the sleep mode, and get complete cooling through the night. Switching between the different modes and setting the temperature will be easy as this Voltas 2 Ton Split Air Conditioner comes with LCD remote.
The Voltas 2 Ton Split Air Conditioner White can be a perfect fit for a big and spacious room
Capacity 2 Ton
Energy rating 3 Star
Remote control Yes
Auto restart Yes
Indoor noise level 43 DB
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