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  • Emi stands for Equated Monthly Instalment.
  • Pay is Easy in 3,6,9 or 12 months instalments.
  • Customer can pay via respective bank's card only.
  • Processing Fees Charged Depend on Bank’s Policy.
  • Bank Charges annual interest rates according to the reducing monthly balance.
  • EMI transactions are at the discretion of your credit card issuing bank.
  • Please contact your issuing bank for any clarifications.
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10 Year Warranty
Now get a relationship for life with a special 10 year warranty enabled by class leading technologies.
Dual Fan Compressor Technology
The patent applied DFCT (Dual Fan Compressor Technology) enhances the performance of the compressor to perform even under extreme conditions of 55*C temperatures and low voltage (195v) conditions to deliver the best in class cooling. Normal Ac's and even inverters trip and stop performing under such conditions, whereas 3D cool Xtreme HD delivers class leading performance. This technology enables a 10 year warranty on the compressor.
Smarter than inverters
3D cool Xtreme gives superior cooling even in extreme conditions of 55*C and low 195v , while other inverter AC’s trip.
Smarter than inverters
3D cool Xtreme cools 50% faster than inverters.
3D Powercool Technology
The 3D powercool technology delivers a leading 39 feet air throw for that instant cooling you need. It works with the combination of Special 3D air intake vents which suck in hot air faster , its wider coils which circulate more cold air and a bigger blower which delivers more airflow. All this to give you a leading cooling performance.
39 Feet Air Throw
Now get super-fast cooling with a leading & powerful 39 feet air throw.
New World Series 3D-HD Design
Get that touch of class & elegance with the all new Sleek world series 3D design with seamless curves and a hidden display.
PM 2.5 Filtration Technology
Deadly and harmful PM2.5 pollutants get filtered with the 3D anion Shield with the combination of 1.High density filter 2.Anion filter 3.Silver Filter 4.Activated carbon filters, ensuring that you and your family are adequately protected.
ICT : Insulated Copper Tube Technology
The ICT Pipe in Pie technology provides superior cooling by keeping the internal pipes extra cool and improves cooling efficiency
6th Sense Climate Control
With the climate in a day changing from 'hot' to 'extreme hot' to 'hot and humid' , Whirlpool’s new Innovative 6th sense Climate Control Technology allows you to set the climate of your choice inside your home, in just one single press of a button. Now, no more of guessing work with your remote.
4 Sleep Modes
Get 4 variable sleep modes unlike normal AC's single sleep modes for different setting for different age groups.
Hidden Display
The Sleek World series design now comes with a hidden display that blends seamlessly into the design and can be hidden or displayed as per your choosing.
4-Way Air control
Whirlpool AC can swing automatically both vertically and also horizontally, i.e, in 4 Way direction, thereby improving uniform distribution of the cooling air. * Disclaimer: Not available in 1.0T AC.
Around U
In Around U, the air conditioner operates on the basis of the temperature near the remote rather than that around the machine. A temperature sensor fitted in the remote helps achieve this, maximizing cooling around the remote.
Double Drain System for easy installation
The advanced double drain system enables easy installation in any corner of your room
Metal Enclosed Fire Proof Control Box
At Whirlpool safety comes first. Adhering to strict international & American safety standards it comes with a metal shell with a fire proof case for the control box.
Self Diagnosis & Auto Protect
Smart AC which has a real time monitoring process and can self diagnose itself in an event of a malfunction. Additionally , with Auto Protect the AC can initiate emergency power downs when close to system overload.
Capacity 1.5 Ton
Energy rating 5 Star
Power 1464 W
Remote control Yes
Auto restart Yes
Indoor noise level 38 DB
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