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4 reasons to buy
-STEP1. True Filtration : True RO Filtration
-STEP2. True Preservation : Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank™ & EverFresh UV Cycle™
-STEP3. True Maintenance : Digital Sterilizing Care™
STEP1. True Filtration
True RO Filtration : Pure & healthy water without impure water mixing.
True RO Filtration
- Why RO is required?
Water contains dissolved impurities like bacteria, virus, heavy metal, pesticide, etc which can cause water-borne diseases. RO is the only technology which can effectively remove those impurities and provide purest form of water.
- What can be eliminated by the RO filter?
As the most advanced filtration system on the market today, RO filtration helps eliminate all kinds of impurities in contaminated water. This even includes heavy metals and viruses that cannot be eliminated with conventional filters.
True RO Filtration
STEP2. True Preservation
- Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank™ : Invasion free with airtight seal & maintains freshness with stainless steel.
- EverFresh UV Cycle™ : Revitalizes freshness with a UV cycle every 6 hours.
STEP3. True Maintenance
Digital Sterilizing Care™ : Regular sterilization of every water path and tank with the Auto Sterilizing Kit.
Digital Sterilizing Care™
LG’s innovative Digital Sterilizing Care™ provides most hygienic method to sterilize the entire water path, faucet & tank with unique sterilizing kit that does not use any harmful chemical. LG’s Happy Care Service ensure automatic & hassle free periodic service without any follow-ups. Hence, enjoy the pure & healthy water for longer time.
- 2 in 1 Water Solution™ : Provides additional pure water for vegetables & fruits.
- Flexible Installation, Anytime Water, Large Water Tank (8L), Auto Flushing : Convenience at it’s best.
2-in-1 Water Solution™
LG water purifier has 2-in-1 Water Solution™ including UF filter system to provide you convenience. Veggie & fruit cleaner is located on the side of the water purifier. It is specialized in cleaning vegetables & fruits and it even saves water.
Flexible Installation
Available to install the water purifier either wall mount or count top depending on your environment for convenience.
Anytime Water
Even in a blackout, LG water purifier supplies purified water in bigger water tank.
Large Water Tank (8L)
Large 8L water tank - sufficient to provide drinking water even during blackouts.
Auto Flushing
The in-built Auto Flushing feature washes the RO membrane surface on periodic intervals to remove the damaging particulates, salt deposits, etc.Hence, it improves the life of the RO membrane and increases its efficiency.
Capacity 8 L
Filter Outside Sediment+ Sediment+Pre-Carbon+ RO + Post Carbon with UF & UV
Indicators Yes
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