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Director Interview

Mr Dayanand, Managing Director

Offshore at the outset of biggest retail chain in Consumer Durable & IT industry, it is really very hard to digest the personality that come from a middle class family, having gone through rough days in life for years Mr Dayanand, Managing Director of Sargam India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. still continues to be very passionate & persuasive professionally but grounded, humble and empathetic for anything and everything.

Thoughts about Life both as Professional & Personal

About qualities that one must possess in one’s life both at professional & personal aspect to become successful entrepreneur while still continuing to be a loving personality by anybody & everybody at work and family both, he replies following in two categories:

A.   First to be a good person one must possess qualities like Empathetic, Good listener, Responsible & Kind, Self Aware.

B.   Second to be a successful professional one must preach attributes like Initiative, Creative, Passionate, Continuous Learning, Persuasion and Honesty with Courage.

In his words above two sides of qualities and attributes ensure you to become Self Aware, which means mindfulness with deep reflection on your belief and spirits, your emotions used for achieving both professional and individual motives in dealings with others and even within yourself too.

Moreover once if you become self-aware that ensures you to become a Leader having qualities require to drive team and/or taking courageous decisions towards short term, mid-term and long term objectives, goals and visions.

All above finally make you person as wholehearted with following characteristics to assert and become a successful person in all sphere of life:

1.    Trustworthiness within

2.    Kindness to each concerned

3.    Adaptability to change

4.    Sense of Obligation

5.    Instinct to gauge

6.    Innovation to experiment

7.    Relieved from Status Symbol to work freely

8.    No worry as a Lifestyle rather making a difference

9.    No assumptions only stick to basics

10. Self Control driving balanced decisions

Leap changing time

Talking about the turning time of his career, he gives credit to Mr Deepak Bansal, CEO a Pharmacy graduate shifted from Sonepat to Delhi in 1996; Mr Deepak Bansal with all his hard work, experience on ground over the years using his sharp analytical skills, systematic approach and ability to see future of retail industry by sensing fast changing market trends, shifted total business from a distribution house to north India’s biggest retail chain.  With the efforts put in by Mr Deepak Bansal into business 24x7, Sargam India Electronics success story makes it a very interesting, motivating business case study as how individual makes difference with their clear strategy, goad and vision.

Turning Point

Pointing out the turning point of his organisation, he mentioned the opening up of their flagship store at Pitam Pura followed by Rajouri Garden and many more of such formats.  He recalls that before their Pitam Pura store customer of Delhi/NCR did not have any option to see the entire range of Consumer Durable & IT across brands under one roof which they opened to the consumer to come, experience and shop.


About challenges being a simple person he mentions that Business is nowhere different than life.  As life changes thus the market scenarios are.  However to specify he claims fast changing customer behavior and technology one has to maintain the pace with the time and cope with the changes happening in market every now and then.


Mr. Dayanand, MD has a vision of becoming fast expending retail chain of India in Consumer Durable & IT Industry with the foot prints across India serving their customers the world class products, best in class after sales services and shopping experience.